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Young Physician’s Programme Conference Program Highlights Inspiration Room Pre-conference programs Contests

Scientific Program Outline

Dear Colleagues,

It is our immense pleasure to welcome you to the "4th National Conference on Family Medicine and Primary Care" which is going to be held in August 2019 at Bangalore, Karnataka: The Silicon Valley of India. The theme of this year's conference is "Technology & Innovations for better Primary Care Delivery" and it objective is to create a common platform to bring together all the stakeholders in Primary Care and Health Information Technology.

Healthcare delivery in India is transforming at a rapid pace due to increasing demand, accessibility and health technology innovations. Innovations in Healthcare mobile apps, Telemedicine, eHealth, Medical devices and technology and Health information technology have on one hand potential to make healthcare equitable, transparent, and accessible to all and at the same time provide an ethical revenue stream for healthcare professionals and organizations.


● Share primary care practice innovations, which improve access, quality, coordination of care, and outcomes
● Facilitate interdisciplinary learning and engagement to move the field forward in terms of practice, policy, accreditation, education, and innovation
● Foster a community of leaders and innovators in primary care who will continue to collaborate in the future

Specific areas and themes we particularly seek to highlight and invite participation towards are

Theme 1: Making Universal health coverage possible

2nd August 2019 “Young Physicians conclave and PG update”

  • Career Development Workshop
  • Clinical update by leading primary care faculty
  • Setting up a practice for budding family physicians
  • Social media and family practice
  • Research in primary care
  • Exam preparation for postgraduate students

3rd August 2019 Day 1 – FPMC 2019 Family Physicians lead the way!
  • Family physicians in leadership roles
  • AFPI accreditation of clinics
  • Patient centered care
  • Building a cadre of primary care nurses and community health workers
  • Women in Family practice
  • Panel discussions with government authorities, NGOs for solutions to primary healthcare in India
  • International Faculty discussions

Theme 2: Technology Innovations for better delivery of Primary Care in India

3rd August 2019 Day 1 – FPMC 2019 Universal Health Coverage – A step closer to the dream!

  • Rural Primary care
  • Affordable and Accountable Primary care at the Urban centers
  • Health Insurance in primary care
  • Community oriented primary care

4th August 2019 Day 2 – FPMC 2019 Family Medicine Education – Learning today, Leading tomorrow!
  • Postgraduate family medicine: change for the better.
  • Evidence based learning
  • Innovation in medical education
  • Primary care at the undergraduate level – lets start at the very beginning!
  • Developing a culturally diverse family medicine workforce
  • Rural family medicine training.

Theme 3: Technology Innovations for better delivery of Primary Care in India

4th August 2019 Day 2 – FPMC 2019 Technology in Primary care –A leapinto the future!

  • Integrating and redesigning primary care with Electronic Health Records,
  • Remote monitoring,
  • M Health: Health in every person’s hand
  • Telehealth and the ECHO model: enabling last mile connectivity; Innovations to transform primary healthcare
  • Innovations in healthcare financing;
  • Artificial Intelligence, Frugal / jugaad innovation

Scientific Program 3rd August 2019
Time   JN Tata Audi/ Main Hall Hall A Hall B Hall C Hall D
08.00 AM - 09.00 AM   Registration
09.00 AM - 10.00 AM   Plenary Session: Keynote session by Dr. B.C. Rao (What matters!)
10.00 AM - 11.00 AM   Session 1 (60 mins)
Chairperson: Dr. Raman Kumar
Session 1 (60 mins) - Clinical
Chairperson: Dr. Chandrashekhar T
Session 1 (60 mins)
Chair: Dr. Ravindran
Session 1 (60 mins)  Session 1 (60 mins) - Clinical - Papers
  10.00 AM - 10.30 AM Role of Primary care as technology advances
Dr. Shailendra Prasad
Medicolegal Update - Interactive session on common scenarios in practice and how to build trust with patient
Dr. Jaya Bajaj
Dr. Neeraj Nagpal
Dr. Preethi Wijegoonewardene
Moderater: Dr. Vidhya Raghavendra
Responsibility for Restoring Trust in the Medical Profession:  Personal, professional or systemic?
Dr. Kay Mohanna
Trials and Triumphs of Setting Up Family Medicine Departments
Dr. Sunil Abraham
Papers 1-6
  10.30 AM - 11.00 AM Point of care technology innovations to aid Primary & Family Care practice in India
Dr. Sridhar Ramanathan 
Collaborative Global Health E-Learning: Massive Open Online Course Experience of Young Family Doctors
Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke
Dr. Md Idris Shariff 
Air pollution: Challenges and opportunities for Primary Care physicians
Dr. Pratyush Kumar
11.00 AM - 01.00 PM   Session 2 (120 mins)
Chairperson: Dr. B. C. Rao / Dr. Sahadev Swain
Session 2 (120 mins)
Chairperson:  Dr. Roshni M
Session 2 (120 mins)
Chairperson: Dr. Jachin Velavan/ Dr. Sanjay Ghodmare
Session 2 (120 mins) Session 2 (120 mins) - Clinical - Papers
  11.00 AM - 11.30 AM Demystifying the Myths & Facts about Electronic Medical Records, and why they are here to stay
Prashant Kashyap
Aashit Verma
Rajat Bansal
Challenges of Management of Acute Febrile Illness
Dr. S. Raghunathan
The Power of Continuity of Care in Family Medicine
Dr. Archna Gupta
Story of Family Medicine across the world
Dr. Raman Kumar
Dr. Kay Mohanna
Dr. Preethi Wijegoonewardene
Dr. Siva Maikandanathan
Mod: Dr. Srividhya R / Dr. Sahadev Swain
Papers 7-11
  11.30 AM - 12.00 PM Interventional Radiology for the new era physician
Dr. Madhu Prashanth D
Competency Assessment in Family Medicine using mobile app
Dr. Venkatesan Sankarapandian
Dr. Susan Jacob
  12.00 PM - 12.30 PM Screening for Autoimmune illnesses
Dr. Samrat Bordolai
Breathe Easy: Respiratory workshop
Dr. Indhu Rajeev
Dr. Shobha P
Dr. Anoop K J
Dr. Deepak P
Improving Our Care of Patients with Depression and Anxiety
Dr. Pratyush Kumar
Setting up family practice clinic
Dr. Anand K.
Dr. Abdul Rasik T.
Dr. Krishnakumar PM
Dr. Roby Prasad
Dr. Javid Rizwan
Dr. Nadeem Abootty
Dr. Shahzad M.U.
Dr. Kailas P
Papers 12-16
  12.30 PM - 01.00 PM Bone marrow transplantation: Who, When and How
Dr. Mallikarjun Kalashetty
Integrating technology into primary health care in India
Dr. Serin Kuriakose
Dr. Fatima Abdul Qadir
01.00 PM - 01.45 PM   Lunch
01.45 PM - 03.15 PM   Session 3 (90 mins)
Chairperson: Dr. Mohan Kubendra
Session 3 (90 mins)
Chairperson: Dr. Shalini Chandan/ Dr. Mahalakshmi
Session 3 (90 mins)
Chairperson: Dr. Siva Maikandanathan/ Dr.Deepthi 
Session 3 (90 mins) Session 3 (90 mins) - Clinical
  01.45 PM - 02.30 PM Can IT be an enabler of High Quality Patient Centric Care in India? - (Panel discussion)
Dr. Kay Mohanna
Dr. C.K. Babu
Mr. Prashant Kashyap
Dr. Sunil Abraham
Dr. Venkatesh Pandian
Dr. Pramod Jacob
Mr. Ishaq Quadri
Dr. Anupama Nagaraja
Mr. Rajib Das Sharma
Dr. Manish Kohli
Prof. Rajendra Prasad Gupta
Mod: Dr. Md Idris Shariff
Integrating Preventive Health Strategies in Family Practice
Dr. Vandana Boobna
Dr. Devashish Saini
Protect the values of noble profession
Dr. Preethi Wijegoonawardhene

Getting older: What women need to realize
Dr. Roshni M

Urban Physicians for rural health care
Dr. Roshni Jhan Ganguly
Dr. Raman Kumar
Dr. Shobha Prabhakar
Dr. Pratyush Kumar Mishra
Dr. Devashish Saini
Papers 17 - 25
  2.30 PM - 03.15 PM Current concepts in joint replacement surgeries
Dr. Sharan Patil

TBA: Dr. Praveen
Meeting challenges in rural and remote family medicine- examples through case histories
Dr. Rajkumar Ramasamy
Whole person Medicine
Dr. Sunil Abraham
Dr. Joseph Francis Dominic
Dr. Manoj Jacob
03.15 PM - 04:30 PM   Inauguration
04.30 PM - 05.30 PM   Session 4 (60 mins)  Session 4 (60 mins)
Chairperson: Dr. Hema Dasappa/ Dr. Radha
Session 4 (60 mins)
Chairperson: Dr. Piyush Jain/ Dr. Serin Kuriakose
Session 4 (60 mins) Session 4 (60 mins)
  04.30 PM - 05.00 PM NHM Injury management should be included as ‘Must know’ area in Family Medicine training in both MD and DNB
Dr. Raman Kumar
Dr. Amit Agarwal
Dr. Amrita Ghosh
Dr. Harsh Deora
Mod: Dr. Ranabir Pal
Telemedicine in India: Do's and Don't's
Dr. Anupama Nagaraja
Getting FM Training into the community
Dr. Sunil Abraham
Dr. Srividhya
Dr. Devashish Saini
Dr. Rebekah
Dr. R K Prasad
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Papers 26 -30
  05.00 PM - 05.30 PM MSA Introduction Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
Dr. Archana Sampath
Primary care physician as a health team leader during disasters
Dr. Krishnakumar P M

Scientific Program 4th August 2019
Time   JN Tata Audi/ Main Hall Hall A Hall B Hall C Hall D
08.00 AM - 09.00 AM   Registration
09.00 AM- 10.00 AM   Dr. Padmanabhan Oration ( Dr. Hanumappa Sudarshan)
10.00 AM - 11.00 AM   Plenary Session: Dr. Sunil Pandya ( The unfortunate rush to specialization with consequent diminution in the number of Family Physicians
11.00 AM - 01.00 PM   Session 1 (120 mins)
Chairperson:  Dr. Srinivasulu
Session 1 (120 mins)
Chairperson: Dr. RK Gupta/ Dr. Swapna Bhaskar
Session 1 (120 mins)
Chairperson: Dr. Gowri Chinthalapalli
Session 1 (120 mins) Session 1 (120 mins)
  11.00 AM - 11.15 AM Dodging clinical inertia with DPP-4i
Dr Manjunath Mallige
Updates in TB
Dr. Somashekar N
Dr. Ravichandra. C
Mod: Dr. Sowmya Ramesh
Gendered expectations in Family Medicine - Panel Discussion
Dr. Srividhya R
Dr. Resmi Kaimal
Dr. Shyamalee
Dr. Raman Kumar
Mod: Dr. Jaya Bajaj
Inspiring Stories of Authors of Family Medicine Textbooks
Dr. Smriti Haval
Dr. B C Rao
Chatbots  in Healthcare - The Healthbots
Dr. Srinivas Gunda
  11.15 AM - 11.30 AM The virtual hospital - Digitalising healthcare delivery and adding value
Dr. Twinkle Behl
  11.30 AM - 11.45 AM Striking the right balance in insulin therapy:  Choosing an appropriate option
Dr. Mahesh DM
“Aardram” – a game changing mission in primary health care delivery in kerala
Dr. Dipin Raj
Dr. Bindhu Bhasakaran
Automated Diet Dos and Don’ts and Diet Plan: Based on  Clinical & Personal Health Data
Dr. Syed Mubarak
  11.45 AM - 12.00 PM Remedbooks: Bridging the technology gap between patients and doctors
Dr. Siddharth V H
  12.00 PM - 12.30 PM Approach to common liver problems in community
Dr Mallikarjun Sakpal
Dr Veerendra Sandur
Dr Madhu
Dr Rajiv Lochan
Mod: Dr. Jyotika Gupta
12:00 PM - 12:20 pm:  Treatable causes of dementia
Dr. C Udaya Shankar

12:20 PM - 12:40 pm:  Recent updates on PCOS
Dr. T. Shanthala Thupanna

12:40 PM - 01:00 pm:  Learning by sharing experiences
Dr. Kishore Madhwani
Family physician as health promoter: Equiping schools to plan and deliver comprehensive, holistic school health education

Dr. Jachin Velavan
Dr. Sahaya Anbarasi
Dr. Adeline Sitther
Mrs. Sheela Arun
 How to Build a Zero-Cost Clinic Assistant in Your Family Practice
Dr. Devashish Saini
Naveen Vashisht
Empowering of General Practitioners through digitalization of Clinical Pratice
Mr. Srinath K Rao

Increasing HealthCare Access Points in Rural India via TeleMedicine & Local Partnerships
Mr. Sidharth Angrish
  12.30 PM - 01.00 PM Inspiring Stories of Private Family Practitioners in Metro Cities
Dr. Devashish Saini
Dr. Jaya Bajaj
Dr. Mohan Kubendra
Mod: Dr. Roshni Ganguly
SoMe – Social Media in Medical Practice and Young Doctors Movements – a global YDM persective
Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke
Dr. Md Idris Shariff
01.00 PM - 02.00 PM   Lunch
02.00 PM - 03:00 PM   Session 2 (60 mins)
Chairperson:  Dr. Sowmya Ramesh
Session 2 (60 mins)
Chairperson: Dr. Bhaskara Puttarajanna
Session 2 (60 mins)
Chairperson:  Dr. Venkatesh Pandian
Session 2 (60 mins) Session 2 (60 mins)
  2.00 PM - 2.30 PM Emerging and Re-emerging Neglected Tropical Diseases: Implications for primary care Know the Eye-Save the Sight”; Revisiting Ophthalmology for Family Physicians. Demonstration Ophthalmoscopy
Dr. Manjunath KP and Team
Place of the patient and the doctor in the evaluation of technological innovations
Dr. Patrick Ouvrard/ Dr. Daniel Widmer
Building a primary care workforce for HIV and Hepatitis Care in North America - Lessons learned in leadership
Dr. Gordon Liu

Research and publication should be integral part of Family Medicine training
Dr. Ranabir Pal et al
Primary Palliative Care Competency Framework for Primary Care and
Family Physicians in India
Dr. Shrikant Atreya
Dr. Raman Kumar
  2.30 PM - 3.00 PM Primary care and Health information tecnology: Past, Present and Future
Dr. Pramod Jacob
03.00 PM - 04.30 PM   Session 3 (90 mins)
Chairperson: Dr. P.K. Sasidharan
Session 3 (90 mins)
Chairperson: Chair:  Capt Dr. Abhijit Mandal
Session 3 (90 mins)
Chairperson: Dr. Shailendra Prasad/ Dr.Krishna kumar PM
Session 3 (90 mins) Session 3 (90 mins)
  3.00 PM - 3.45 PM DNB Family Medicine training: a reality check
Dr. Raman Kumar
Dr. Sunil Abraham
Dr. Swapna Bhaskar
Mod: Dr. Resmi Kaimal
Chairperson: Dr. P.K. Sasidharan
Antibiotic Stewardship by WHO on, learnings from a Global Collaborative MOOC, challenges in tackling Antibiotic Resistance and the proposed way forward - A Global YDM perspective
Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke
Dr. Md Idris Shariff
Establishing a primary healthcare practice-based innovation, research and translational network involving public sector primary health centers, non-governmental organizations and private practitioners
Dr. Hemant Shewade
Dr. G. K. Ananthasuresh
Dr. N S Prashanth
Dr. Angela Choudhury
Dr. Eric Wilson
Dr. Akshay Dinesh
Mod: Dr. Swathi SB
Mindfulness for Personal Resilience of Family Physicians
Dr. Sahadev Swain
Dr. Anupama Nagaraja
MRCGP Int Orientation Workshop
Dr. Shyamalee
Dr. Preethi Wijegoonewardene
Dr. Prasadth Fernando
Dr. S Arulrhaj
  3.45 PM - 4.30 PM Integration of palliative care specialists and family physicians to provide last mile care for the needy patients with chronic debilitating illness
Dr. Raghavendra
Dr. G K Manoj
Dr. Amy
Dr. Mohan Kubendra
Dr. Harshpriya
Dr Konappa Kuntumalla
Mr. Sridhar
Mod: Dr. Archana Sampath
A Quality Improvement Project to reduce the proportion of diabetic patients with HbA1c > 9.5% attending a primary care polyclinic in Singapore
Dr. Santosh Lionel Thomas

Simplifying Diabetic Foot through Amit Jain's system
Dr. Amit Jain
Mini rehab setups for common disabilities in primary care
Dr. Vijay Kumar Manda
Dr. Rebekah Zechariah
Dr. Summa Nidhi
Elevate Your Home Visits
Dr. Devashish Saini
Dr. Roshni Jhan Ganguly
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare- The Intelligent Assistant
Dr. Srinivas Gunda
Effects of Low carbohydrate diet on glycaemic control in Diabetic patients – An Observational study
Dr. Arunachalem R
The role of procalcitonin and arterial lactate in prognostication of patients with septic shock –A Prospective observational study
Dr. Shabeera M
04.30 PM - 05.30 PM   Valedictory Function

Papers - 3rd August 2019
Time 3rd August 2019 Hall D Hall D
08.00 AM - 09.00 AM   Registration
09.00 AM - 10.00 AM   Plenary Session: Keynote session by Dr. B.C. Rao
10.00 AM - 11.00 AM   Session 1 (60 mins) - Clinical - Papers Session 1 (60 mins) - Clinical - Papers
  10.00 AM - 10.30 AM Papers 1-5 1. Low Cost Stroke/Cardiovascular Risk Prediction for Primary Care Physicians using Simple Ultrasound ( Dr. Chitra S. )
2. Prevalence and Factors associated with tobacco consumption among moddle and high school children in Bangalore rural district (Dr. Shalini Garg)
3. A cross sectional study to assess the adherence to Anti tubercular therapy (ATT ) in category 1 pulmonary TB patients in continuation phase and the factors contributing to non-adherence in selected hospitals in a south Indian district. (Dr. Aiswarya V Namboodiri)
4. Health care technologies for rural India ( Dr. Priyesh Kant)
5. Prevalence and assessment of malnutrition among children attending an Urban Primary Health centre at Koramangala, Bangalore. (Arjun Anand)
6. Study on Determinants of health and health seeking behavior among families : A cross sectional study (Dr. Mamta Manohar)
  10.30 AM - 11.00 AM
11.00 AM - 01.00 PM   Session 2 (120 mins) - Clinical - Papers Session 2 (120 mins) - Clinical - Papers
  11.00 AM - 11.30 AM Papers 7-11 7. Prevalence of depression in adult patients with chronic kidney disease -A cross-sectional study in a tertiary care hospital in south India. (Dr. Sabira T.S.)
8. A hospital based cross sectional study on acute diarrhoeal disease in children aged 6 months to 24 months. (Dr. Mathews Marian Mathew)
9.  Prevalence of bacterial vaginosis in women attending the antenatal clinic of a tertiary care centre in South India -A Hospital based cross-sectional study (Dr. Ann Tomina Thomas)
10. Motivators and Barriers to Research in the Indian Medical Scenario: A Qualitative study from Karnataka , India (Dr. Sanjana C S)
11. Future of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus therapy in India: A pipeline analysis ( Dr. Bhoomika Bhalla)
  11.30 AM - 12.00 PM
  12.00 PM - 12.30 PM Papers 12-16 12. Practices, Attitude and perceived barriers of dental students in substance use screening and interventions in dental practice: A cross sectional study ( Dr. Shree Goyal)
13. Patient expectations and perceptions of outpatient service quality: A cross-sectional study (Dr. Rebecca Kingsly)
14. Knowledge, Attitude and Practices related to Cervix cancer screening and prevention among women above 18 years in Karnataka -A Cross sectional study (Dr. Smitha Alice Jacob)
15. Determinants of vaccination in adults : a cross-sectional study on knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) in general population (Dr. Noopur Ganesh Kedare)
16. Knowledge,Attitude and Practices; study to assess the knowledge regarding Immunisation among mothers of children (under 5 years) attending Immunisation OPD, JAH group of Hospitals,Gwalior(MP) ( Dr. Priyesh Kumar)
  12.30 PM - 01.00 PM
01.00 PM - 01.45 PM   Lunch
01.45 PM - 03:00 PM   Inauguration
03.00 PM - 04.30 PM   Session 3 (90 mins) - Clinical Session 3 (90 mins) - Clinical
  03.00 PM - 03.45 PM Papers 17 - 25 17. SSPE- A Preventable infectious cause of young onset dementia ( Dr. Sangeetha Santhosh)
18. Taking the path less travelled: Clinical & Social Challenges for a young doctor in Rural India ( Dr. Yogesh Sharma)
19. Knowledge and attitude regarding the use of emergency contraception among the college going students in Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu, India (Dr S. Prem Davis)
20. Perceived social support and stress among pregnant women attending ante natal clinic at PHC, Nandagudi (Dr. Amrita NS)
21. Delivery of health care services as factors in malaria control in Kolar: A community based study ( Dr. Naresh Kumar SJ)
22. Need of Point-of-care Injury biomarkers in Primary Health care (Dr. Amrita Ghosh)
23. Perceptions on Health and School Health Education among Teachers in a few North Indian Schools in Low Resource Settings ( Dr. Jachin Velavan)
24. Let us not be another sugar bus...(Dr. Sudipta Mahto)
25. 16. A qualitative study on reasons for non-compliance to medications among patients – a patient and doctor perspective. (Dr. Ramya S)
  3.45 PM - 04.30 PM
04.30 PM - 05.30 PM   Session 4 (60 mins) Session 4 (60 mins)
  04.30 PM - 05.00 PM Papers 26 -30 26. Clinical Telepresence and Collaboration Model Extend Specialised Supportive Care to patients at home ( Mr. Pillalamarri Sridhar)
27. Continuous glucose monitoring system in management of type 2 diabetes mellitus: A hospital based longitudinal study  (Dr. Anjana Sasidharan)
28. Impact of Healthy Food Plate on control of post prandial blood glucose ( Dr. Reenu Thomas)
29. Correlation of severity of fibrosis with severity of osteoporosis in chronic liver disease patients ( Dr. Selva P. Hamza)
30. Community health needs assessment in urban field practice area, Hoskote (Dr. Amrita NS)
  05.00 PM - 05.30 PM

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