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Organizing Committee - FMPC 2019

Col (Dr) Mohan Kubendra

Organizing Chair Person

Dr. Swapna Bhaskar

Organizing Secretary

Dr. Raman Kumar

President, AFPI

Joint Secretaries

Dr Srividya Raghavendra

Dr Bhaskara P

Dr Archana Sampath

Dr Sowmya Vivek

Scientific Committee

Dr Jaya Bajaj

Dr Ramakrishna Prasad

Dr Vivek Karthikeyan

Dr Kritika Ganesh

Dr Kavya B.N

Mr Praveen C

KMC Credit Points and Certificates

Dr Hema Dasappa

Dr Veena

Hospitality Committee

Dr Jyothika Gupta

Dr Gowri Chintalapalli

Dr Harshapriya

Dr Supreetha

Dr Apoorva Gopinath

Entertainment Committee

Dr Roshni Jhanganguly

Dr Shalini Chandan

Finance & Sponsorship Committee

Dr Ravi Kulkarni

Dr Soumya Vivek

Dr Mohammed Idris

Website and Public Relations Committee

Dr Anupama Nagaraja

Dr Amina Kausar

Dr Serin Kuriakose

Advisory Committee

Dr B C Rao

Dr Sunil Abraham

Dr S Subramanyam

Dr Prince Christopher

Young Physician's Conclave

Dr Srividya Raghavendra

Dr Soumyajeet Chatterjee

Dr Pratyush Kumar


Dr Pratyush Kumar

Dr Smruthi Nikumbh

Dr Nishanth Menon

The Spice Route Movement India

Dr Md Idris Shariff

Dr Vikram Cheryala

National Conveners

Dr Vandana Agarwal

Dr Piyush Jain

Col(Dr) Ram Kumar Gupta

Dr Resmi S Kaimal

FM 360 Co-ordinator

Dr Kunal Doshi

Conference Countdown





Welcome to Bangalore

Bengaluru - the Silicon Valley (also called Bangalore) is the capital of India's southern Karnataka state. It is one of India's most progressive and developed cities, blessed with a benevolent climate and a burgeoning drinking, dining and shopping scene.

About Bangalore Places to Visit


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